Sen. Diaz Releases Statement Highlighting Hateful Comments Directed At Him


The attacks on NY State Senator Ruben Diaz continue, after he announced a pro-marriage rally to be held in The Bronx on Sunday, May 15th. He writes about some of them:

I'm a little surprised about how widely my position to support New York State's definition of marriage between a man and a woman has been covered in articles, discussed on tv, blogged, posted on facebook pages, and tweeted. I am an ordained minister, and as such, this is what I preach and this what I believe.

The media coverage has resulted in growing support from my constituents, religious leaders, and thousands of New Yorkers who don't want the marriage law changed.

It has also brought out some disturbing responses and threats from hateful people who oppose my position against homosexual marriage. For the sake of transparency, I'm going to share some of these hate-filled comments I have received and read over the past day or so.

Emails I have received through my website include two from Leo Medina from Jackson Heights: "YOU ARE DESPICABLE. YOU NASTY BREEDER! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS GOING TO HELL! EAT S*** AND DIE!" and "you are a disgusting excuse for a human being, and you will get what you deserve".

... Comments that responded to an article about me on the Village Voice include one from Scott Rose who wrote: "Hopefully, Ruben Diaz will very shortly die of natural causes." CornetMustich wrote: "Great, get the coffin ready for this clown, and send him and it to Vatican City..." Stanley J wrote: "Will someone who is eg [sic.] dying of cancer and doesnt have any relatives make his wish come true. Over his dead body."

He then includes many, many more examples of hatred directed at him.

He concludes:

One of the things that I thought makes the United States special is that we can disagree and still get along. Unfortunately, the growing hatred of many people in New York's homosexual community toward me does not demonstrate that.

It makes no sense to me as a minister and as a Senator because I have never preached hatred toward anyone, and I denounce those who do. My strong position against homosexual marriage is the very same as the positions held by rabbis, ministers, imams and priests.

I'm not sharing this information to appear to be a victim for sympathy sake, but I do want to put this in perspective.

I feel a great sympathy for the people who are targeting me with so much hatred.

They will all be in my prayers.