NOM Apologizes for Driving Up Unemployment Rate


The National Organization for Marriage has been accused of many things by our opponents in recent years, but here’s a new charge that may actually be true.

It now appears that NOM is responsible, in however small a fashion, for keeping the unemployment rate high in some notable sectors.

You see, NOM's string of victories in blue states may bear some responsibility for the executive directors and senior staff at state level “marriage equality” organizations to resign or be fired.

It started with Geoff Kors, Executive Director of Equality California in California, who could never recover from his monumental defeat in the Proposition 8 campaign in California, of which NOM was one of the chief supporters and leading organizations to qualify the initiative. Kors stepped down in March of this year.

Next up was the Executive Director of Equality Maryland, Morgan Meneses-Sheets, who was fired two weeks ago after failing to pass a gay marriage bill through the Maryland Legislature. It was supposed to be a “given” that gay marriage would pass in Maryland this year. A given, that is, until NOM got involved.

Shortly after Meneses-Sheets was fired, Equality Maryland's Development Director Matthew Thorn resigned in protest over the firing.

Most recently, Kathy Kushnir, the Executive Director of Marriage Equality of Rhode Island (MERI) --the leading group advocating for gay marriage in that state-- resigned after failing to even get the gay marriage bill out of Committee in another state that was, we were told, a slam dunk for them this year.

All the while, as our opponents keep talking about the march of history, tout biased polls, and tell themselves that their victory is inevitable…secretly, the Executive Directors of other states' “marriage equality” organizations are updating their resumes...

And to those who are looking to fill these vacancies, it might be good to double-check their retention rate.