Judge Walker Replaces Prop 8 Video with Nuremberg Trial Tapes


Local KQED news reports:

Although Judge Vaughn Walker informed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last week that he was planning to use the excerpt from the Prop. 8 trial again this week in a talk at Gonzaga University Law School, a spokeswoman now tells me the retired jurist has decided not to.

Instead, Walker will show tapes from the Nuremberg trials which she says "he feels make a tremendously strong statement about transparency in the courtroom." That lecture about the history of cameras in the courtroom is scheduled to take place Thursday at Gonzaga in Spokane. Not sure if there's an intended message in replacing Prop. 8 supporters with Nazis.

Walker's use of the 3-minute trial segment during a talk at the University of Arizona in Phoenix February 18th sparked calls by Prop. 8 supporters to have Judge Walker turn over all his trial recordings. His decision to forego use of that segment this week reduces pressure on the 9th Circuit to act by Thursday.