Two articles from the Deseret News


"Symposium battles trends that damage the traditional family":
"In similar fashion, a group of BYU students of the Family Law Society organized and carried out a formal symposium, called Stand for the Family, meant to counter modern philosophies perceived to be damaging traditional family relationships and, ultimately, society.

"After attending a several-day seminar in Southern California last summer at an interfaith organization, the Ruth Institute, BYU law student Alisa Rogers rallied support for a conference on strengthening the family."
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And "LDS Leader Stresses Importance of Marriage, Family":
"Marriage and families are at the heart of mortal life, Elder Bruce D. Porter of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Quorum of the Seventy said during the Stand for the Family conference held at BYU Friday. If the family breaks down, so does everything else, he said."
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