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Dear Friends of Marriage,

We've just learned that next Tuesday, March 16th, the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on the PA Marriage Protection Amendment. 


For years, opponents have blocked the marriage amendment, knowing that the people of Pennsylvania support marriage, and determined to keep them from having the final say. Tell your senator it's time to let the people vote -- Marriage is too important to be left to a handful of unaccountable judges. It's high time Pennsylvania joined the 30 other states where voters have already moved to protect marriage.

Tuesday's committee vote is critical, and expected to be close. If the amendment passes in committee it will move forward; if not, it's done for the year.

Please do whatever you can to help assure passage in committee. Call your senator. Then send an email. Or call some of the committee members listed below -- even if you don't live in their district, tell them that you're a Pennsylvanian concerned about marriage, and that as a member of the Judiciary Committee they are representing the entire state. 

Click here to look up your senator's phone number.
Then use this link to send an email!

We've set up an online action center, enabling you to send a message to your state senator with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Marriage Protection Amendment currently has 16 co-sponsors in the 50-member senate. (Read the amendment and list of co-sponsors here.) If your senator is not a co-sponsor, he or she will receive a letter urging them to protect marriage by supporting SB707 -- and if they're already a co-sponsor, your senator will receive a message thanking him for his support and encouraging him to continue pressing for passage this year.

Then, please take a few minutes to call members of the Judiciary Committee, letting them know how important this issue is to you and your family.

Sen. Stewart Greenleaf: (717) 787-6599
Sen. Mary Jo White: (717) 787-9684
Sen. Lisa Boscola: (717) 787-4236
Sen. Patrick Browne: (717) 787-1349
Sen. Jay Costa: (717) 787-7683
Sen. Jane Earll: (717) 787-8927
Sen. Wayne Fontana: (717) 787-5300
Sen. John Gordner: (717) 787-8928 (cosponsor)
Sen. Daylin Leach: (717) 787-5544
Sen. Jane Clare Orie: (717) 787-6538
Sen. Jeffrey Piccola: (717) 787-6801 (cosponsor)
Sen. John Rafferty: (717) 787-1398
Sen. Joseph Scarnati: (717) 787-7084 (cosponsor)
Sen. Michael Stack: (717) 787-9608

And finally, please forward this message to three friends who can join you in contacting their state senators.

Time is short. But together, if we each do our part, we can send a powerful message to Harrisburg, as our legislators hear from hundreds of concerned voters urging them to protect marriage.

Let's make it happen! 


Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
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Princeton, NJ 08542
[email protected]

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