SSM Advocates: "Marriage is About Soul Building"


So my question, why is the government in the soul-building business?

This in the Rainbow Times:

Reverend Gene Dyszlewski, Pastor of Riverside Congregational Church in East Providence and the head of the Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality - an organization composed of more than 100 leaders from the faith community, disputes the assertions made by the Catholic Church.

“(The Catholic Church's) cramped, simplistic view of sexuality ignores the complexity of the human personality and is contrary to any reasonable concept of human nature,” Dyszlewski said via e-mail.

“Marriage is an intense privileged relationship between two people that encourages their growth and well-being,” Dyszlewski continued. “Marriage allows not only the joy of being accepted and cared for by another, but also the joy of being the source of acceptance and care in another. Marriage is about soul building. It is not a license for baby making.”