Lynch Can't Handle the Truth! Democratic Party Tries to Censor Ad


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Dear Friends of Marriage,

The National Organization for Marriage's "Lynch Lied" television ad has ignited a firestorm of debate in New Hampshire. The word is now out that Lynch lied about his support for traditional marriage, and has repeatedly lied about the budget and taxes. Check out our ad here at

And instead of honestly addressing the issues in NOM's ad, the Governor himself has lashed out at us as an out-of-state group that was "meddling."


Let's get the facts straight here, Governor.

Fact: Your party, under the leadership of radically pro-gay marriage Chairman Ray Buckley, received massive funding from Denver based gay-multimillionaire Tim Gill, the Human Rights Campaign, and a cohort of other pro-gay marriage donors.

Fact: Almost none of the legislators who received this out-of-state funding discussed their support of same-sex marriage during the election.

Fact: You and your colleagues in the legislature therefore would not support a referendum and letting the voters have a say on the future of marriage and ushered into law the redefinition of marriage.

Fact: You betrayed the trust of the voters when you flip-flopped on same-sex marriage and allowed HRC, Tim Gill, and their cronies to buy same-sex marriage in New Hampshire.

And you have the gall to accuse us of meddling?

Even more laughable was Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley's response. He stated, "This out-of-state group is lying in a desperate attempt to distract voters from John Stephen's ethical transgressions and financial mismanagement because they know he believes in their agenda of hate and discrimination . . . Given his own history of ethical transgressions, it's no surprise that John Stephen is embracing an organization that is not even from New Hampshire, that is under ethics investigations in three states, and is preaching a message of hate and discrimination."

More lies. We're not facing elections investigations in three states. Ray, here's a little tip: Probably not best to rely on the gay media for objective facts on NOM.

And in Maine we're going to win a federal lawsuit and stop folks like you from even having the chance to silence us.

But now, predictably, that's exactly what the Democratic Party is trying to do. Instead of countering our ads with facts, they're trying to censor our ads with more lies, by demanding station managers remove them.

Our full legal response is here. The money quote: "As you can see, the facts and sources cited in the ad, in the original substantiation letter, and cited above, substantiate the claims made in the advertisement. It is the N.H. Democratic Party press release that doesn't have its facts straight."

Will you take this from them? Will you allow an out-of-touch political elite to silence the truth? Or will you stand with us right now and allow us to get the truth about same-sex marriage out in New Hampshire and throughout the country? Your one-time or monthly donations are what allow us to be such a potent force for the truth about marriage. Will you give and ask your friends to give right now?

Listen to what regular Granite Staters are saying about this powerful ad:

Dear Brian,

Did you ever hit a raw nerve with Governor Lynch! Nobody has ever seen him so riled up, angry, and forceful as he was yesterday on TV and today in the Union Leader. He was furious!

Great job, ever since the Gay Marriage Act was passed, he's laid low on the subject, avoiding it altogether. He knows he's in trouble for voting that way, and he's worried. That's just where we want him, and hopefully this is his last term.

Congratulations on the best ad I've seen in years. I'm sure I'm not alone, either.


Stuart B. Harnden
Bedford, NH

We're up against powerful forces. The Governor knows our ad is powerful and that's why he wants to shut it down. But I'll tell you this: We will never be intimidated or silenced. Never. But we rely on you to allow us to get the truth out. We don't have a Tim Gill. It's just us, folks.

Will you give your most generous donation of $25, $50, $100, or even $500 right now and forward the e-mail to all of your friends to do the same?


Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
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[email protected]

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