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Dear Friends of Marriage,

I wanted you to see the new television ad and website we launched in New Hampshire yesterday. We're calling Governor Lynch on the carpet for his broken promises . . . . on taxes, spending, budget cuts, and same-sex marriage.

When running for office in 2006, Governor Lynch promised voters he opposed same-sex marriage -- only to sign an unpopular gay marriage bill into law last spring. Now he's hoping voters forget all about it.

Click here to watch the ad.

The ad immediately created a firestorm in New Hampshire political circles. Press calls began yesterday morning and continued late into the evening. "Strongly bitterly" is how the Union-Leader newspaper characterized state Democratic party chairman Ray Buckley's reaction to the ad. Left-wing bloggers in the state are none-too-pleased, either, while Tea Partiers are lining up for the Lynch Lied bumper stickers we've offered. A spokesman for Republican candidate John Stephen praised the ad: "The ad points out a disturbing trend that we've seen from Governor Lynch of saying one thing and doing another."

Governor Lynch, long one of the nation's most popular governors, has seen his poll numbers drop sharply in recent months. As I told the press yesterday, Lynch used to enjoy bipartisan support because he was viewed as a straight-shooter. Now his approval ratings are dropping like a rock as voters see they were misled on all these issues.

New Hampshire voters are none too pleased to find that their elected officials saying one thing and doing another. This $200,000 ad buy and newly launched website are the first step in calling Governor Lynch to account for misrepresenting his positions -- not just on same-sex marriage, but on business taxes, government spending, and balancing the budget, too.

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Like last month's ads in California, the Lynch Lied campaign is part of our national effort to hold elected officials accountable, not just for their words, but for their actions on same-sex marriage. Voters deserve to know where their officials stand on same-sex marriage, and especially when politicians promise to stand for marriage, and then turn right around and break their word.

Tim Gill and his band of gay marriage activists have used these sorts of ads for years, targeting pro-family leaders in state races across the country. And they've set aside more than $100 million dollars to push their agenda even further in 2010.

We may not match them dollar for dollar, but with your help we will run hard-hitting, targeted campaigns to hold politicians responsible for their actions, and let voters know where they stand.

We need your help to produce and air ads like these all across the nation. Will you help us today?

Even if you've donated before -- or if you've never given to any pro-family groups -- please make a contribution today. Whether it's $5 or $500, if we all band together we'll make a powerful statement to politicians everywhere, the likes of which they've never seen.

Let me repeat -- we urgently need your help to stand up against Tim Gill and his allies!

That's why I'm asking everyone who receives this mailing to make a gift of at least $5 -- and more if you're able. If we all join in, together we can raise millions for the cause of marriage. But we need everyone involved -- please don't count on others to carry the load.  Click here to make a secure online gift today!


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Executive Director
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