URGENT MARRIAGE ALERT: Gay Marriage Activists Seek to Table Marriage Amendment Vote in House!


Thanks to all of you who contacted your senators in advance of this week's 38-27 vote to pass the Minnesota marriage amendment. The bill now goes to the House where we are hearing rumors that some House members are talking of tabling the amendment until next year.

We need your help today! Gay marriage activists know they aren't likely to defeat the amendment this year—and would like nothing better than to push the vote off for another year.

Please take a moment today to contact your state representative. Let your representative know that a vote to table the amendment is a vote to undermine marriage!

The battle for marriage in Minnesota moves to the House!

Click here to send an email to your Representative today!

The people of Minnesota deserve a full and open campaign to decide the future of marriage. Putting a vote off until 2012 means an abbreviated conversation about marriage that is overshadowed in the midst of a presidential race. The only ones served by putting this vote off are gay marriage advocates, not Minnesota voters or Minnesota families.

Please, click here to send an email to your state representative today. Tell your representative it's time to vote on the amendment now!