BP: As States Debate SSM, Consequences of Legalization Become Clear


Michael Foust of the Baptist Press reports:

Conservatives have long argued that "gay marriage" legalization would have negative consequences on religious freedoms, and they may have found another example in Canada, where "gay marriage" is legal and where Sportsnet TV host Damian Goddard was fired the day after he stated his opposition to marriage redefinition in a Tweet.

... Goddard's firing followed another controversy that combined sports and "gay marriage." In April Olympic gold medalist gymnast Peter Vidmar signed on as the United States' "chief of mission" for the 2012 London Olympics. But once it became public that he had donated $2,000 in 2008 to help pass California Proposition 8 and appeared at two rallies in support of it, homosexual groups began pressuring him to step down.