Gay Leaders Try Bullying Orbitz to Drop FoxNews


The gay website The Advocate reports:

Several prominent gay rights groups are urging travel site Orbitz to drop its advertising from Fox News because of the network's antigay content.

Leaders from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Courage Campaign, and Equality Matters have all signed a letter to Orbitz CEO Barney Harford asking that his company stop advertising on Fox News.

... Orbitz has been a longtime advertiser to gay media outlets, including The Advocate, and gay pride and other events. It also has a gay-specific travel site, offering trips to LGBT-friendly destinations.

... Media Matters, the parent organization to Equality Matters, has tracked Fox News' coverage of gay issues, showing a history of antigay opinions and content. It is also the force behind DropFox, the new initiative asking advertisers to stop purchasing spots on the news network. According to the site, the organizers say advertisers should abandon Fox News because it advances antigay bigotry, advances misinformation about climate science, and because it is a political operation masquerading as a news network.