NOM Election Watch 2010: Dem Turnout "falls off a cliff."


Update:  Democratic primary voter turnout "falls off a cliff."

Hotline is reporting "Dem Turnout Falls off a Cliff". In Ohio, just 663,000 voters cast ballots in a hotly contested race between Fisher and Brunner, less than the turnout of 872,000 voters in 2006, when Ted Strickland faced no serious primary opponent. In Indiana, 204,000 voters cast Democratic ballots in House races, less than the 304,000 who turned out in 2006.   In North Carolina, just 425,000 cast ballots in the three-way Dem primary, less than the 444,000 who turned out in 2004 when Gov. Mike Easley faced no serious opponents.
GOP voter turnout, by contrast was up in all three states.