Another Dem Politician Admits He Lied to Voters About Gay Marriage


Over at HuffPost, Jonathan Miller, who was once Treasurer of the state of Kentucky and recently left an appointive post as Secretary of Finance and Administration, comes out of the closet as a gay marriage supporter--after he left office, naturally.

He admits to being a little bit ashamed he did so only after leaving office. But he doesn't confess any shame at all about repeatedly lying to Kentucky voters in order to get elected.

"For the first decade of our marriage, living on the East Coast, we could be open about our beliefs. But then we decided to move back home and in 1998, I even made the youthful indiscretion of running for Congress.

There was simply no other option: I had to shove my gay marriage views into a back corner of my closet. My consultants advised that any deviation or hesitation would immediately make me unelectable ... When asked, I would parse my answers like a Clintonian deposition.

...Some will castigate me for waiting until it was too late to make any difference. I plead guilty.

But while such a gesture might have been noble and potentially educational, I determined that, on balance, it wasn't worth political hari-kari. There were too many battles on too many other fronts that I wanted to fight. Gay marriage is important, but so are poverty reduction, educational opportunity, environmental protection and so on. I'd be giving up on all of the latter to simply make a statement on the former."