Fellow Olympian Medalist, Others, Voice Support for Vidmar


Deseret News reports on people who are speaking in defense of Peter Vidmar's fitness to represent the U.S. in the Olympics:

John Naber, winner of four 1976 Olympic gold medals in swimming, said the USOC was "absolutely correct" in selecting Vidmar.

"Peter believes and practices the Olympic ideals of integrity, sportsmanship and respect for the universal, fundamental ethical principles,'' Naber said. "Peter would never knowingly disrespect, offend or alienate anyone, much less a member of any U.S. Olympic team.''

Naber, 55, now works as a television commentator and, like Vidmar, is a motivational speaker.

"I believe Peter is pro-family, not anti-anything,'' Naber added, responding to a quesion about Vidmar's involvement in Proposition 8.

Frank DeFord referenced Peter Vidmar in a recent NPR essay. DeFord is supportive of gay athletes in professional sports but also expressed support for Vidmar.

"Let us encourage the U.S. Olympic Committee to plead with Vidmar to rejoin the American team," DeFord said. "(He is) an honorable gentleman, whom we can all respect, whether or not we agree with one opinion of his."

USOC executives also expressed confidence in Vidmar's ability to represent all athletes, notwithstanding his stance toward marriage.