New Equality CA Poll: Repeal of Prop 8 Likely to Fall Short


An Equality California poll of likely voters found Californians split 45 to 45 about repealing Prop 8. Equality CA argues the "undecideds" will break their way. We think not. They don't really think so either, because they are seeking to delay a vote at least until 2014:

"If everything fell into place the right way, it would be 2012," said Minter. "But I don't think that's too likely."

In the meantime, EQCA, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Greenlining Institute, and former ambassador and philanthropist James Hormel funded new research on a 2012 repeal of Prop 8.

Pollster David Binder and his firm, David Binder Research, surveyed 900 likely voters, revealing a mix of advances and a need for further progress.

In 2009, a similar survey showed that 47 percent of voters would support repeal of Prop 8, 48 percent would oppose, and 5 percent were unsure.

In 2011, unsure voters doubled to 10 percent. Support for Prop 8's repeal decreased from 47 to 45 percent, but opposition to repeal also decreased from 48 to 45 percent. --BayAreaReporter