Changing Attitudes Among Midwives About Marriage and Childbearing?


Christelyn Karazin notes at Family Scholars that one South Carolina midwife's efforts to reduce the out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community are being challenged by the elites, but supported by other midwives:

... what gave me pause and encouragement, were the comments from 122 women who weighed in on Urban Midwifery. From the sounds of it, attitudes about normalizing the abnormal may be starting to change.

One reader said this:

I applaud this sister for taking a stand on an issue that has been plaguing the black/Latino communities for almost 30 years. Regardless of whether you believe marriage is for you, you have to be blind not to see how damaging the baby mama epidemic is to the success of our culture.

…and frank talk I can appreciate from another:

Black women are the only ones who settle for crumbs or settle for having several kids – not just one – without expecting the man to marry her.

Overwhelmingly, [the midwife's] work was supported quite plain.  It looks like people are feeling more free to say “the sky is blue,” and that’s a very, very good thing.

Hopefully, her example may lead to midwives working in other communities, including the Euro-American community, to do the same.