The Incredible Shrinking Equality Movement


Mike Ology at RIFuture writes:

In the past year, Rhode Island sexual minorities have witnessed implosions and cutbacks at no less than three pro-equality organizations: Marriage Equality Rhode Island, Queer Action Rhode Island, and the Providence Equality Action Committee.

PEAC was placed in hibernation by its founders in mid-2010 due to low attendance; QuARI was silenced in January 2011 amid leadership strife; and MERI lost two of its respected officials this spring amid strategic disagreement over civil unions and declining donations.

But despite polls showing majority support for marriage equality, grassroots advocacy has been weaker than the opposition's -- and that advocacy may be even weaker in defense of the state's strong antidiscrimination laws.

The author goes on to call for his progressive readers to "confront" local businesses over their lack of explicit public support for the gay movement's legislative priorities in Rhode Island and elsewhere.