Maggie's Column -- The Shocking Thing About Sex Scandals: We're Shocked


NOM Chairman Maggie Gallagher's latest column:

Anthony Weiner's escapades infuse a whole new meaning into one of my favorite words from the movie "Bambi": twitterpated.

... Twitterpated. It's as good an explanation as we're likely to get.

Of all the questions left unanswered by Anthony Weiner's astonishing press conference on Monday, the most unanswerable is this: "What were you thinking?"

A grown man, 46 years old, repeatedly sends lewd and graphic photos and texts to multiple young women he's never met.

How could he expect that was going to work out for him?

What were you thinking, Anthony?

... Watching Weiner flounder, I had a flashback to a recent Heritage Foundation panel, "Sexual Economics: The Forces Shaping How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Marry.

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