URGENT ACTION ALERT: The Final Days – Stop SSM in NY with a Letter to the Editor Today!


Same-sex marriage supporters have launched a last-ditch effort to push gay marriage through the New York State Senate yet this year, even renting billboards with a personalized message to one state senator believed to be a swing vote.

Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg haven't stopped talking up same-sex marriage for weeks now. And wealthy elites are throwing their money around in an effort to buy five Republican votes.

Send Your Letter to the Editor Today

Click here to send a letter to the editor of your local paper—we've provided talking points to get you started. Help set the record straight, and let everyone know that New Yorkers stand for marriage. Politicians are hearing from their constituents (keep it up!), but the media is continually beating the drum of inevitability and the latest poll results.

With your letter, you can let your neighbors know that this issue is quickly coming to a head, and that elites in Albany are trying to force same-sex marriage through without the people of New York ever having a say in the matter. Please - take a moment to write a short letter to the editor today.

Here at NOM, we're continually working to educate voters about the imminent threat marriage is facing. Tomorrow, Maggie will be in studio with Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Sen. Ruben Diaz, recording a broadcast (to air later at to discuss the current state of the debate in New York, and what listeners can do to make a difference.

We're on the home stretch, but the battle is fierce. With God's help, if we all do our part, we will cross the finish line having achieved a victory the pundits never expected.