Gay Rights Groups React to Sen. Rev. Diaz, Accuses NOM of 'Playing the Race' Card


We admire Sen Diaz very much; he speak for himself and his constituents, not for NOM. Accusing leaders like Sen. Diaz and Delegate Burns of being manipulated by NOM is sort of patronizing, don't you think?

... infighting between racial and ethnic minorities and the LGBT community is exactly what anti-gay groups like the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) are working tirelessly to foment.

These groups know that it’s in their political interest to pit racial minority communities against the LGBT community in order to distract from the clear parallels that exist between the groups’ respective struggles for civil rights and equality.

That’s why NOM used the “race card” so brazenly in Maryland, and it’s precisely why they’re doing it again (somewhat effectively, unfortunately) in New York.

In this light, Sen. Diaz’s comments are extremely disheartening. -- Equality Matters