Shadowy Donor Offers Troubled Equality Maryland $500,000 to Be Taken Over


We think it's ironic that the New York Daily News just claimed NOM was a "shadowy group" when this story reveals how little transparency there is even between pro-SSM groups:

Equality Maryland’s board of directors turned down an offer by an anonymous donor to give the financially struggling group $500,000 in exchange for the board giving up its voting privilege and becoming an advisory body, with a new board to be selected by the donor.

Darrell Carrington, an Equality Maryland board member who knows the identity of the donor and acted as the donor’s representative, said he resigned from the board on Monday following the board’s decision to turn down the offer.

He said he recused himself from voting on the offer, among other things, because the donor wanted him to be part of a new board selected by the donor to help save the organization, which faces the prospect of having to lay off all of but one of its employees by July 1. -- The Washington Blade

Equality Maryland, of course, has been on the ropes ever since losing their bid to redefine marriage in Maryland earlier this year.