Impromptu Syracuse Rally: Let the People Vote!


NOM helped organize rallies in Manhattan, Albany, Buffalo and Rochester (more on that soon!).

... Syracuse joined on its own!

...Several dozen people gathered for the "Let the People Vote Rally" in Clinton Square Sunday afternoon.

Organizers believe that the same sex marriage law should have been something that New Yorkers voted on rather than a few hundred legislators.

They also claim 31 other states have had same sex marriage laws go before the people and every time the people voted to uphold traditional marriage.

"Let the people vote, that is our message. Let the people vote to repeal this same sex marriage law. New York State was not able to, people were not able to vote and that's our message today...let the people vote,” said Kenneth Reed, Greater Evangelical Church pastor.

Organizers say similar rallies will continue across the state until lawmakers decide to listen and put this issue before the people. - YNN