Brian Brown on Fire in Albany: "NOM Head Seeking an Army to Undo a Lie"


A sample of Brian's barnburner speech in Albany:

“All we have done is put into statute a lie,” said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage.

... Brown said his group, and others, should build a new coalition to push for a statewide referendum on same-sex marriage. He proposed amending New York’s constitution, which requires the approval of two successive legislatures and a popular vote. It would take until November, 2013, for such an effort to bear fruit, but legislative leaders have indicated no interest in allowing the necessary bills to floor votes.

... “We are not the kind of people that when politicians betray us, to take our rights away, go home,” Brown said. “If they believe their polls, then let this come to a vote. I don’t think lies enacted into law can last.”