Rating the Candidates: Michele Bachmann


[Watch the debate live online here.]

This debate is breaking new ground.

Prof. Robby George asks whether Congress has the power to enforce the equal protection of unborn life, under Section 5 of the 14th Amendment. I think Michele Bachmann said yes. This breaks new ground.

Michele Bachmann also offered Pres. Obama's failure to defend DOMA as an abandonment of first principles.

Veep pick: Yes, that person would be pro-life and pro-marriage, she promises.

Should the federal government subsidize states that discriminate against religious adoptions agencies?

She supports legislation to prevent that (paraphrasing): "I believe in equal protection under the law, we have seen a disadvantage to children in foster care or adoption care. This is another example that activist judges are dangerous to the foundation of the society, etc."

Grading Michele Bachmann: a solid "A"