Rating the Candidates: Herman Cain


[Watch the debate live online here.]

Prof. George leads off: "Does Congress have the power under Section 5 of the 14th Amendment to enforce the equal protection of unborn life?" Cain responds (paraphrase):

"Yes I could support that. I would challenge the U.S. Congress to do its job. The president has the responsibility to be president, [focus on] national security, preserve, protect and enforce the Constitution of the U.S., not re-write it. Provide the strategic leadership on all the issues we face."

Prof. George: "Should the federal government be subsidizing states that discriminate against religious foster and adoption cases?"

"No, because I believe in the First Amendment. The federal government should not be discriminating against any legitimate religion in this country."

Prof. George: "How does your position on marriage differ from Pres. Obama's position?"

"The first thing I would do is make it clear I support the Defense of Marriage Act. I do support traditional marriage. So I happen to believe in addition to being Commander in Chief, [the President is] also Communicator in Chief, to talk about some of these values our Founding Fathers got right. I would use that platform to encourage the values we know the Founding Fathers embraced."

Prof. George: "The two great engines to fight poverty are a vibrant economy and a strong marriage culture. What can we do to rebuild a marriage culture?"

"We have to stop incenting (incentivizing?) broken homes, stop 'incenting' women to have babies to get money from the government.'"

Will you choose a Veep who shares your pro-life and pro-marriage convictions?


Grading Herman Cain: a solid "A-"