Grading the Candidates: Ron Paul


[Watch the debate live online here.]

Prof. George: "Power delegated to national government by Section 5 of the 14th Amendment. You have a strong and consistent pro-life record in Congress. Whether in view of those delegated powers, would you propose to Congress legislation to protect life in all stages, or would you have to wait for Roe. v. Wade to be reversed by the Supreme Court?" Congressman Paul answers [paraphrase]:

"No I wouldn't wait, I would remove the federal jurisdiction from the courts so the states could immediately do what they want. The 14th Amendment [contravenes] the 9th and 10th Amendment. There are people who use the 14th Amendment to do almost anything they want. The 14th Amendment has been used to increase the size and scope of government."

Prof. George responds: "The language is clear, you cannot deny 'life or liberty' without due process of law."

Ron Paul: "Murder should be a state issue."

Prof. George: "If the state removed protection against murder from a class of human beings, or the newly born, or the handicapped newborn, wouldn't that call for action at the national level?"

Ron Paul: "If you want to stretch your interpretation and stretch the power of the federal government. ...I can understand your argument but I think it rejects the notion that states are part of our government. When we can, and we can, we have done it all our history, we can deal with violence and murder, it's a state issue, I don't see why it should be a federal issue are asking for more policeman at the federal level. I don't understand why we've met so much resistance from removing the jurisdiction from Congress. You could do it by a majority vote with the president signing it, you don't have to wait for Roe V. Wade to be repealed."

Grading Ron Paul: Marriage questions weren't asked, so I'm going to give Paul a pass.