Grading the Candidates: Mitt Romney


[Watch the debate live online here.]

Prof. George begins: "Courts usurped the authority of Congress and acted in a way that removed an entire class of human beings from the law's protection. Lincoln said that if this is accepted "the people will cease to be their own rulers." After Lincoln's death we enacted the 14th amendment. Many people say we need to wait for Roe v. Wade to be reversed but Section 5 of the 14th gives Congress the right to enforce the guarantees of equal protection and due process. Would you propose to Congress legislation to protect life in all stages?" Mitt Romney responds [paraphrase]:

"I would support justices who support the Constitution and would return that power to the states. Is there a constitutional path to have Congress say we will push aside the decision of the Supreme Court, and return to the states or pass their own values -- that would create a constitutional crisis. That might happen but that wouldn't be something I would precipitate. I would look for people on the Supreme Court who will interpret the Constitution, not impose their own values. I'm not looking to creating a constitutional crisis. I would live within the law, the Constitution as I understand it without creating a constitutional crisis..."

George: Will your Veep share your pro-life, pro-marriage views?

Romney: "I certainly imagine so, I haven't made any selections in that regard, I would expect they would all be pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. I think its presumptuous to think of who my Veep would be at this stage. These are important enough issues that the person I select would share my views."

George: [question about federal money going to states that discriminate against organizations that follow their religious convictions.]

Romney: "I believe in religious tolerance and religious liberty. That means to me we are not going to force people of faith to violate their faith in order to practice their professions ...I'm not one of those who says get rid of the conscience protections and [force people to do things that violate their faith.]

I would say in [Massachusetts] about half of adoptions were being placed by Catholic Charities because they would not place children in homes with same-sex couples.

That's a mistake, we should permit people to apply their faith, [especially when there are many other agencies who can deliver services]."

Grading Mitt Romney: B+

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