Video: Woman Finds Out Her Fiance Has Donor-Fathered Over 74 Children



The newest installment of Style Exposed explores the emotional, uncharted and unregulated world of sperm donors and their offspring.

In this provocative documentary, you'll get to know Ben—a man who learns his donation has produced more than 74 children (with more on the way)—and two half-sisters from different parts of the country who are meeting face-to-face for the first time.

Ben also admits that 15-20 of his biological children have made an effort to contact him:

The comments posted in response are especially revealing:

Belinda: "... I now believe there is a reason God designed children to have 2 parents."

ILikeBeingMarried: "Few times in my life have I been shaken up so much by a tv show. Why do we allow sperm donors to father so many kids? ... The whole sperm donor thing outside of marriage is just plain dangerous."

Go Green: "Now that everyone is seeing the importance of going "green", why not take it a step further and ADOPTING! To me it's a little selfish to want a baby so badly that you'd spend so much money for the procedure... risk you and the baby's health by giving birth at the age of 38-45... then risk your children marrying their own siblings because now there are 75 kids who don't know that they are related!"