UK Judge Blasts Four Gay Parents For Inflicting Emotional Harm on Children Conceived Through IVF


The UK Daily Mail:

A High Court judge issued a stark warning yesterday about the traumatic effects on children when complicated homosexual parenting arrangements unravel.

In a case in which a gay man and his lover took the lesbian mother of his children and her partner to court for access rights, the judge expressed frustration at the ‘lack of sufficient vocabulary to explain the true nature of the relationships’.

But Mr Justice Hedley was clear about the impact of the couples’ conflict on the two sisters in the case, saying at least one of them had suffered significant emotional harm.

‘The four adults in this case regard the price paid by these two children as an acceptable price for the pursuit of their own adult disputes,’ he said.

...he warned: ‘The case provides a vivid illustration of just how wrong these arrangements can go.’

The judgment quotes a social worker who said the older daughter was caught in ‘a horrendous tangle of emotion and conflict that exists between these adults. The girl is being made to carry the responsibility for the failure of the adults in this system to overcome the conflicts between them.’

Mr Justice Hedley said there was ‘widespread concern at the welfare of the children’.

‘I have tried hard to see whether there are any other concepts than that of mother, father and primary carer, all conventional family concepts.