Marriage Debate Resumes in Maryland Next Week


The Baltimore Sun:

After nine months of plotting and organizing, the two sides of Maryland's same-sex marriage debate are ready to campaign with full force during the General Assembly session, which begins next week.

Opponents plan a day of prayer that a same-sex marriage bill will fail, a slew of Sunday sermons focused on traditional marriage and a rally in Annapolis. They've united forces under a new banner, the Maryland Marriage Alliance.

... [this] is the last chance for lawmakers to pass the [same-sex] legislation with the knowledge that, if petitioned to referendum, the question would be on the 2012 ballot. Some have flatly stated they don't want the controversial measure going to the voters in 2014, when state senators and delegates will be up for re-election.

Since the Maryland Senate is on record supporting the bill, the fight is expected to be in the House of Delegates.