Maggie: Report from the Kennedy Center – A Rendezvous with “Divine Destiny”


I just got back from Glenn Beck's Divine Destiny concert/lecture/thingy at the Kennedy Center.  Mr. (and Mrs.!) Chuck Norris appeared--and with a becoming humility Chuck Norris mostly recited from four great American speeches--two by George Washington, one by Benjamin Franklin and one I hadn't heard by Sam Adams. Pastor Miles "Do Something!" Macpherson rocked---challenging every Christian to get out of our churches and go find the people looking in the wrong places to ease their suffering--drug abuse, bars, sex addicts, prostitutes, the poor, the lonely, the depressed, the addicted and just say, "How can I help?"

For marriage advocates there was a lot of meat. Rabbi Lapin reminded us we are all created by God, "touched by the finger of God" and therefore he said "The three M’s"  Marriage came first.  The first few chapters of the Bible, he reminds us are God's meaning of marriage.  And it didn't happen because some cavewoman said to some caveman "Hey, I think it would be a really good idea if you never touched another woman in your life."

The distinguished philosopher from Steubenville, Patrick Lee, spoke next.  And he reminded us from Ephesians that we are God's handiwork, which implies that we do not create the truth, we discover it only.  From that he deduced three great principles, "a duty to gratitude to God, to respect the true nature of marriage, and to respect every human life. These are truths, not choices."  Big applause.

Glenn Beck is very engaging in person.  Chuck Norris: "Only two things could get me and my wife off our ranch--God and Glenn Beck."