Glenn Beck Rally: Wherein I Shook Chuck Norris’ Hand


I tweeted 8 photos and comments live for you.  Really I did.  And then I discovered so many people were tweeting I could not get a message out.  I lost all those photos I tweeted--"message discarded". . . .  But I have more on my phone and will share some with you, as soon as I master the technology.  : )
(I have a photo of Sarah Palin's shoes.  To die for!  And I shook Chuck Norris' hand!)
I know, I know, more stuff of substance tomorrow.
Up on the stage, I looked out and saw a sea of people stretching as far as the eye could see--a half million or more. A friend came up to me on stage and said (He said, not me): "If we can do this, we can pass a marriage amendment.”
It was the nicest crowd I've ever come across. Every person was from someplace different: Texas, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Philly, North Carolina, Rochester, NY, Kentucky, Florida. . . Gotta get some sleep.  And put the anesthetic on the sunburn.  


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