Gay Marriage Legal In California? Not If We Work Together!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, the NOM Education Fund fights to protect marriage in all 50 states.

But California is one of the states on the front lines and of critical importance—more so than most others.

The same-sex marriage lobbyists have been focusing on the Golden State for a long time, pouring millions of dollars into their campaigns: first to permanently legalize gay marriage, and second (when their original plans failed) to reverse a vote of the people through the courts!

That is why California is such a key part of NOM's 2012 strategic battle plan to protect marriage, and why I am writing you today.

Our fight to uphold Prop 8—which Governor Brown and Attorney General Harris refuse to defend—is going all the way to the Supreme Court in 2012.

NOM has already contributed almost half a million dollars to the legal defense of Prop 8, but more is urgently needed for this all-important battle.

Will you help fund the legal defense of Prop 8 by making one special gift to NOM right now?

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Your financial help is critical, because on the other side, Lambda Legal, the ACLU, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights are spending a ton of money to overturn the will of over 7 million Californians and force gay marriage down your throat (in the words of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom) "whether you like it or not!"

Anything you can afford to donate is important, because with so many fights all over America, our resources will be stretched thin all year.

Marriage and religious liberty are under immediate and urgent threat in over a dozen states. Several large, new, urgent and very expensive fights have arisen in just the past few weeks.

The bottom line: 2012 will either be the year when traditional marriage makes a comeback...

...or it will be the year when the same-sex marriage lobbyists knock the doors down and begin their assault on marriage in all 50 states.

As always, our success depends on you, marriage supporter.

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So please, to protect marriage in California, and to support our ability to fight against same-sex marriage throughout 2012, make one urgent financial gift today.

Thank you in advance and God bless you.


Brian Brown

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
Executive Director
NOM Education Fund

P.S. We know the anti-marriage bullies will outspend us in California. They will also use much nastier tactics. But, as Prop 8 showed, the people are on our side. So as long as we have the resources necessary to spread the truth and fight back against the smear campaigns, we will win. So please make the most generous financial gift you can afford at this time. Thanks again.

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