Judge Walker’s Retirement: Was Prop8 Decision Ideological or Career Stepping Stone


From Ed Whelan: “Applying Ockham’s razor, I will readily presume that Walker’s wild course of misconduct in the anti-Prop 8 case was driven entirely by his ideological fervor for same-sex marriage and that Walker wasn’t also trying to feather his own post-judicial nest.  That said, if he were trying to feather his nest, his high-profile invention of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, including his remarkable (and overturned) denial of a stay of his judgment pending appeal, would be one way to build a lot of goodwill among many prospective San Francisco employers. . .

“The entire anti-Prop 8 farce would be complete if Walker were to join either Ted Olson’s or David Boies’ firm.  But negotiations could be complicated  if Walker were to make a well-deserved request for back pay.”

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