AP on NOM's Dump Starbucks Campaign


The Associated Press quotes our co-founder Maggie Gallagher:

Following a shareholders' meeting of the Seattle-based coffee giant on Wednesday, the Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage announced a "Dump Starbucks" protest.

The group says it will place ads throughout the country, as well as in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, urging consumers to boycott the company. The group is supporting a referendum effort to overturn a recently passed law legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington state.

... [Starbucks CEO Howard] Schultz was asked by three shareholders about the company's stance, with one asking: "Is it prudent to risk the economic interests of all the shareholders for something that might affect the private lives of a very small percentage of our employees?"

... Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of NOM, said the main focus of the group's protest is to make sure Starbucks knows that not all of their customers agree with their philosophy on gay marriage. Gallagher said that in addition to ads, the plan is to have customers call Starbucks managers around the state to let them know how they feel.

"We would be satisfied if, in the future, they would refrain from entering in these hot-button moral issues," she said.

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