Pro-SSM Sen. Alesi Loses Support of Local GOP Over Marriage Flip-Flop


The four Republican Senators were told, time and time again before casting their votes that betraying marriage has consequences.

The New York Times with yet another example of this fact:

Senator James S. Alesi, one of four New York State Republicans who voted in favor of same-sex marriage last year, is unlikely to receive the nomination of the main Republican committee in his district, setting the stage for a difficult re-election race that could have implications in the fight for control of the State Senate.

Two Republicans in Monroe County, where a majority of Mr. Alesi’s district sits, said that Mr. Alesi, an eight-term senator, had no support from local party leaders, in large part because of a lawsuit that he filed last year against two of his constituents and that many considered frivolous. The Republicans, who requested anonymity to discuss a developing process, said that Mr. Alesi’s support of same-sex marriage also was a factor, but that it was not decisive.

... Other Republicans who favored same-sex marriage have seen some consequences.

The Republican committee in Wilton, the hometown of Senator Roy J. McDonald, endorsed a potential opponent. The Erie County Conservative Party endorsed a Democrat to challenge Senator Mark J. Grisanti. But, unlike the others, Mr. Alesi’s marriage vote is not his greatest problem.