PolitickerNY on the Central Role Marriage is Playing in NY Politics


PolitickerNY took an extensive look at the critical dynamics which shaped the Storobin v. Fidler race -- and the future of New York politics:

"... Mr. Storobin’s campaign was seen as a longshot, but he had heavy support from the local and state Republican Party, which was betting a campaign focused on Mr. Fidler’s liberal positions on social issues, specifically gay marriage, could be a success among the large numbers of Russians and Orthodox Jews in the district.

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Albany last June, but Mr. Levi said the Orthodox community still hopes to fight the issue by voting out politicians who support gay marriage and forcing a referendum.

“The truth is, the representatives in Albany let us down, they let us down. They were bought off on this issue by a very strong lobby,” Mr. Levi said. “We’re going to take corrective action, we’re going to go out against all these State Assemblymen in our area of Brooklyn that voted for gay marriage. They’re going to face primaries or elections and they’re going to rue the day that they ever voted for gay marriage.”

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