HISTORIC! Victory for Marriage in New York!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,


Last June I made you a promise—that I would not rest until the voters of New York had the final say on marriage. Step one was replacing the seven turncoat New York Senators who brought same-sex marriage to the state.

Tuesday evening, in Brooklyn, we took the first major step toward keeping that promise with an incredible victory in a special election for State Senator!

Political newcomer and marriage supporter David Storobin has pulled off a major upset (subject to a recount) against long-time councilman Lew Fidler in New York’s Senate District 27.

One Down, Six to Go!

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NOM played a major role in this week's special election to replace disgraced (and incarcerated!) former Senator Carl Kruger—who voted last June to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. A previously unknown, pro-marriage, Russian immigrant, David Storobin shocked the political establishment by winning Tuesday's vote count in a deeply blue district. He was overwhelmingly outspent by his opponent, the pro same-sex marriage City Councilman, Lew Fidler.

Absentee ballots still have to be tabulated, and due to the incredibly close race, the votes will be recounted. But regardless of the final vote count, this election made one thing crystal clear: same-sex marriage is a losing proposition for politicians.

As we have so many times in the past, we were able to level the playing field in a heavily Democratic district. NOM's issue ads, automated phone calls and hard-hitting mailings to targeted audiences proved pivotal in this race.

Perhaps most importantly, this race cements a new relationship between traditional marriage supporters and the Orthodox Jewish community, forced to choose between principled support for marriage and their traditional political loyalties.

I am especially grateful for the courage and leadership of Rabbi Eliyahu Brog of Mirrer Yeshiva who recorded our automated phone calls to Jewish households throughout the district—and for Joseph Hayon, president of the Brooklyn Tea Party, whose creativity, limitless energy and outstanding grassroots leadership helped make sure our efforts were focused effectively down to individual homes and neighborhoods.

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As the New York Post so succinctly put it, Fidler "got hammered for his support of gay marriage, an unpopular position in the district."

It seems so patently obvious, but to the political establishment who prefers to operate behind closed doors and broker back room deals that impose a radical social agenda on their constituents, Tuesday's result came as a surprise.

And NOM will continue hammering home the point until the politicians wake up and realize it as well. Same-sex marriage is a losing proposition.

Please join us in celebrating this great victory, and please consider making a donation today to help us bring about more of these kinds of results all across the state.

God bless you.

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