New PPP Poll Shows Marriage Leading in Maryland!


The Washington Post claims Maryland is "split" on marriage even though marriage is actually leading by a few points, and leading by an even wider margin when it comes to voter intensity.

Also note the charged way the question was asked (voters were asked about making same-sex marriage "illegal"):

"...With a referendum on the issue expected this fall, the poll by the independent firm OpinionWorksfound that 43 percent of registered voters would vote to make same-sex marriage illegal, while 40 percent would vote to make it legal.

...Previous polls — including one in January by The Washington Post — have shown somewhat rosier results for same-sex marriage proponents.

...Opponents of same-sex marriage have an advantage in intensity. While 37 percent of Maryland voters “strongly” feel they will vote to make same-sex marriage illegal in Maryland, 31 percent of voters “strongly” feel they will vote to make it legal.

Visit the Maryland Marriage Alliance website for easy ways you can help the marriage win in November!