Dump Starbucks: Letter to the Editor Edition


Colleen in Syracuse took action and wrote a letter to the editor of her local Syracuse newspaper explaining why she has pledged to DumpStarbucks:

I have just learned that the Starbucks Corp. has begun a public campaign to rewrite our marriage laws and to recognize same-sex marriage. I was shocked to hear of a major corporation willing to alienate such a large portion of their constituents in favor of a political agenda.

I have decided that I will no longer buy my coffee at Starbucks — there are plenty of community coffeehouses that both support my values and need my business. While there's little that I can do alone to make Starbucks reconsider its position, together we can make a statement. There are many in our community, I know, who believe in marriage and would be deeply offended to know that a portion of every cup of Starbucks coffee they buy is being used to lobby in favor of same-sex marriage.

It's time to dump the Starbucks habit, at least for my family. And I invite others to join me by learning more at

Bravo, Colleen! You can join her and send a letter to your local newspaper right here.