Ya Basta – NOM’s New Ad Exposes Ugly Truth About Barbara Boxer’s Values


Barbara Boxer has been a nightmare for Californians and for all Americans.  Tomorrow, Californians have a clear choice to make: continue the anti-family and anti-marriage policies of Barbara Boxer or to turn the page in California history by electing Carly Fiorina.  NOM wants to dispel the myth that Boxer represents the values of Americans or California families. We’re introducing a Spanish-language television ad that takes this message to one of the most important voting blocs in California, Latinos.  Carly Fiorina supports bedrock principles revered by California Latino voters – hard work, support for family values and a quest for opportunity. This includes building strong families by supporting marriage between one man and one woman, and respecting the right-to-life.
The ad, entitled “Nuestros Valores” (Our Values), highlights Boxer’s unabashed support for abortion and same-sex marriage, and contrasts her failed record with the values of Carly Fiorina—Watch the ad below.

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