What Should A Girl with Two Dads Read?


These two dads on The Huffington Post say they steer their toddler daughter away from books that have a central mom figure:

"We tend to shy away from books that center around a mom character. No, we are not trying to shield Simone from the fact that she has two dads rather than a mom and a dad. But when reading to her at such an early age, we'd rather focus on stories that reinforce the bond between a father and child. She sees plenty of mom figures on TV and in her real life already. Reading time is daddy time."

Hmm, how will these parents' ambivalent/avoidant attitudes towards mothers shape their daughters sense of her own impending motherhood? Check back in 20 years. We really can't say. But it would probably help if these guys, who've chosen a life in which their child will not have a mom, had a little sensitivity to filling in for what might be lacking.

Some day we will get some good data on what happens to girls and boys raised without mothers. Until then we suppose these guys are trying to do their best. But really, did it ever occur to them: your daughter is not going to grow up to be a Dad? And that reading time is not just daddy time.