Turncoat Senators Under Fire! Help Turn Up the Heat!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

A year ago, I made a promise to the people of New York...

...that I would not rest until the people of New York were given their right to vote on the marriage question...

...and to hold the politicians in Albany accountable for their backroom dealmaking and for selling out their constituents by forcing same-sex marriage on the state.

In particular, we have targeted the four Republican Senators who lied to and betrayed their constituents by flipping their votes at the last moment, thereby ensuring the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Help us hold these turncoat Republicans accountable for their vote to legalize same-sex marriage by making a donation of $500, $100, $50 or even $35 to the NOM NY PAC today.

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Each of these four Republicans now faces a serious primary challenge for their party's nomination, not to mention their Democratic challengers in the general election.

  • Senator McDonald (Saratoga) is fending off Kathy Marchant;
  • Senator Grisanti (Buffalo) faces both Chuck Swanick and Kevin Stocker;
  • Senator Saland (Poughkeepsie) is running against Neil Di Carlo; and
  • Senator Alesi (Monroe County) may be looking at a serious challenge from Sean Hanna.

In all four races, NOM will highlight their vote to legalize same-sex marriage and make it a key issue in the race. The public WILL know that their incumbent representative betrayed them on marriage and kowtowed to Governor Cuomo's political ambition and down-state Wall Street money.

It wasn't too long ago that these politicians were singing a different tune.

Senator McDonald, when asked about betraying his constituents on marriage, told the voters that they could "shove it."

Senator Alesi bragged at a same-sex marriage rally, "I think I have some new friends," and said that he had to run as a Republican "because I have to be able to say 'you can vote for marriage equality as a Republican and you can survive.'"

It's a stark contrast to hear Mr. Alesi now complaining that "most of us will be wiped out financially after Republican primaries."

Please donate to NOM PAC NY today to help wipe out Senators Alesi, McDonald, Saland, Grisanti and ALL the politicians who sold you out on marriage.

Donate now

NONE of these turncoat Republicans have garnered their party's endorsement. Likewise, NONE of the incumbents have been endorsed by the NY Conservative Party.

My friend, this is HUGE!

We have an amazing opportunity this September 11 to send a resounding message to the Albany establishment: selling out your constituents and marriage will cost you your political career.

We MUST send that message. We CANNOT let them accept huge infusions of same-sex marriage money and buy their way back to Albany.

Senator Grisanti raised almost $250,000 following the same-sex marriage vote last June. Senator Saland raised over $425,000! And most of that came from downstate and out-of-state special interests pushing same-sex marriage.

Help NOM send them a message: THIS ENDS NOW!

Give a generous donation to NOM PAC NY today and we WILL
hold these politicians who sold you out accountable.

Thank you!

Contributions or gifts to NOM PAC NY are not deductible as contributions for Federal income tax purposes. Political contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Cumulative donations of more than $99 to NOM PAC NY are reported to the State of New York as required by law.
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