Update: Elderly Woman Files Criminal Report Against Man Who Attacked Her Over Marriage Amendment Support


An update from Vote for Marriage NC on their official Facebook page:

UPDATE: An elderly woman has filed a police report in Lumberton charging a man with aggravated assault. While looking for her sister, she claims the individual had committed a hate crime by physically assaulting her during an argument over her position on the marriage amendment. In her police report she claims the man was verbally harassing her over her marriage position, and then proceeded to prevent her from leaving. She also claims the man slammed her back with the car door 4-5 times while she tried to escape.

Later in the comments they added:

...the elderly woman filed a police report earlier today claiming the man committed an aggravated assault (also marking it as a hate crime). The Deputy also witnesses to red marks on her body.

Click here for a link to the police report (PDF).