Breaking News: Iowa Lawyers Seek To Invalidate Judicial Retention Election Results


After the people passed Prop 8 in California, lawyers went to the California state supreme court to argue the court did NOT have to respect the election results, the people had no right to amend their own constitution. Now,  lawyers are asking the Iowa Supreme Court to invalidate the results of the election in which three judges lost their seats-- on the grounds the state constitution requires a "separate ballot."   When will they accept a fair and free vote of the people as valid?

Of course if the election to retain these three judges was not valid--then these three judges did not gain majority approval, as required by the law, to retain their seats and the seats would be vacant until a new election was held.  And isn't there a fourth judge whose judicial retention election in the past would also be invalidated and so would forced to face a new election right now?  Maybe not such a bad idea after all!