Maryland Pastors Preach Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage From Pulpit


The Baltimore Sun:

Bishop Willard E. Saunders Jr. quieted his Cherry Hill sanctuary Sunday morning, signaling for the music and the hallelujahs to stop so his words would come across clearly.

"If something is perfect, it does not need changing," Saunders said, his image beaming from two screens on either side of the pulpit. "You can't redefine what God has already called perfect.

"Marriage, the institution, is perfect," he continued. "It is the people who are imperfect."

The Hour of Power sermon was repeated in black churches across Maryland Sunday and will keep going all month, part of a coordinated effort by opponents of same-sex marriage to spread their message from the pulpit leading up to the referendum on Nov. 6. The Archdiocese of Baltimore, though technically not part of the "Marriage Sundays" effort, encouraged its priests to talk about the coming same-sex marriage referendum Sunday since the set scripture focused on marriage.