NEW VIDEO: School Counselor Targeted for Supporting Marriage!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

It was his life work—a vocation he loved. He had 36 years of exemplary service to students at Nokomis High School. He was nominated for Maine Teacher of the Year.

But in 2009 Don Mendell stood up for marriage, appearing in a TV ad urging Maine voters to reject a bill on same-sex marriage.

And within weeks the work he loved had turned into a nightmare. Gay marriage advocates filed formal charges, attempting to strip him of his professional license. Colleagues turned on him. He was denied committee assignments, then shuttled from school to school.

Don sat down with the Marriage ADA video team recently to tell his story.

Click here to watch Don's story.

The treatment Don received after speaking out for marriage is OUTRAGEOUS! Please take a moment right now to watch Don's story of courage and grace under fire...and then forward this to 3 friends who care about marriage and our freedom to speak out for what we believe.

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