Maine Voices: Questions on Same-Sex Parenting Cast Doubt on Same-Sex Marriage


Keith Moore in the Portland Herald Press:

"...I appeal to the intuition and experience of the people of the great state of Maine. I know this about you. You are men and women committed to your children. You are serious parents. May I propose that there is not enough data for us to safely conclude that children thrive in households with same-sex parents?Far too little is known about this new household form. For this reason alone, and for our children's sake, doesn't it make sense to wait before we institutionalize same-sex marriage?

To this point, the data shows that the safest place for a kid is in a household with a mom and dad. Common sense dictates that every child should be mentored every day with both male and female influences. Mainers United for Marriage consistently claims that they have 30 years of research on their side. Do they?

Every study has weaknesses, but here are the two weaknesses I see with these studies. First, most of this research is based on samples too small to detect genuine differences that may exist in children raised in opposite-sex partnerships versus same-sex parents; and second, much of this research is based on self-selected pools of volunteers, not a random, unbiased look at the entire population of same-sex parents."

... Mainers should vote "no" based on the serious questions that remain concerning the impact of same-sex parenting on children.

...In my opinion, this is not about kids and wanting to protect them at all. It's about adults asking the state to affirm their relationship choices. As people who care about children, Mainers must vote "no" on Question 1."