Over 500 Christian Pastors and Leaders Endorse the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment!


A massive outpouring of support from the faith community on behalf of marriage!

Pastors for Marriage, a member group of the coalition Minnesota for Marriage, today announced that over 500 Christian pastors and leaders have endorsed Amendment 1, the marriage protection amendment. These 500+ Christian faith leaders represent Minnesota Assemblies of God, Lutheran, nondenominational, Baptist, minority, Presbyterian, Catholic, and other churches. They outline how their faith will guide them to vote YES on Amendment 1.

Pastor Steve Goold of New Hope Church stated: “As the author and architect of marriage, God has spoken clearly that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. These are unique and urgent times that shout the need to prevent the almost incomprehensible destruction that will come to society if that definition is permitted to be conveniently altered through the legal process. Bottom line for me as a Pastor—vote, vote yes, and enthusiastically encourage others to do the same. This is right and good.”

This statement, The Christian Vote on the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment, follows yesterday’s announcement by Billy Graham who stated that he “wholeheartedly endorse[s]” Amendment 1. -- Minnesota For Marriage

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