Video: CA Pol. introduces bill "to require LGBT history" in all public schools


At the book launch of "My Uncle's Wedding" (which introduces children as young as 4 to same-sex marriage), CA State Senator Mark Leno announced to the crowd that he has introduced a bill in the California Senate which would "require LGBT history to be taught in public schools across California as part of the curriculum" because "we thought it was a perfect time" to bring it up:

A partial transcript of State Sen. Leno's comments:

"This has been a civil rights movement ... here we are seeing states pass laws to allow for marriage equality ... so it is a continuum, an arc of progress for civil rights. That's what children have to understand - no different from any other civil rights movement they're learning about. The kind of opposition we're getting to [this] bill is not unlike the uproar that was caused by when there were to be women's studies on school campuses or black studies. And the same people who don't want LGBT studies in our curriculum are the same voices who didn't want the previous changes as well."

LGBT history ... coming to a school near you?